Road transportation is one of the most popular and affordable ways of delivering cargoes of various types throughout Europe and the CIS.


We actively use this mode of transportation in our day-to-day business, also as a separate delivery method and as a connecting link in complex supply chains.


By choosing DSF Logistic, you will get:

  • Smart solution for your specific logistics task 
  • Savings on the transport component of your business through the development of supply schemes with all the nuances and features of your cargo.
  • The ability to deliver "door to door" thanks to the extensive road network in Europe, Russia and the CIS
  • Flexibility in adjusting the route - you will be able to influence the process of shipment if necessary. We are ready to respond immediately to changing circumstances in real time.


Our business is geared toward both the process and the flawless result, so we assume responsibility for all cargo transportation phases:

  • Search and supply of trucks for loading
  • Loading and unloading
  • Procurement of shipping documents
  • Cargo tracking
  • Customs clearance
  • Cargo insurance

The complex services are formed individually for each client, upon careful analysis of your needs and preferences.

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