Smart project management


We offer our customers a comprehensive service for the organization and management of customs and logistics part of the project on modernization of production facilities.


This product has been specifically developed for industrial companies and investors in branch of industry, equipment manufacturers, engineering and trading companies, as well as for the heads of the project departments.


Project work experience of our experts enables us to take control of all areas of work, starting directly from the receipt of the customs classification decision for the whole supply, maintenance and transportation to the customs clearance of at the point of delivery. We expect to advance the possible risks and the "bottlenecks" in accordance with all of them plan to work on the project.


Smart management of customs and logistics unit of the project allows:

  • Carry out competent planning and prevent possible risks
  • Establish a stable communication channel between all the participants of the project 
  • Reduce the costs of customs clearance
  • Reduce the costs of freight movement
  • Staying within the existing project budget
  • Use the internal human resource of your company smart and reasonable
  • Minimize possible errors in the documentation
  • Improve the overall financial attractiveness of the project
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